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Silk Flower Arrangements including Candle Rings and Floral Wreaths


Browse our wide variety of silk flower arrangements which will add a touch of beauty to any room or office. Artificial Flower Arrangements

Candle Rings

You will find our Candle Rings provide the perfect accent to any room. Our Candle Rings can also be used as Wreaths.Silk Floral Candle Rings


Our selection of silk flower wreaths will brighten up any wall or door. Our wreaths provide a classic touch of beauty.Artificial Flower Wreaths

Are you looking for a memorable and special gift? Why not send a Daisy Blossoms silk flower arrangement, candle ring or wreath.

Your gift will provide continued beauty to their home or office instead of just a week like typical fresh flower arrangements.

We will even include a special card with your gift that contains your personal message.

Our commitment is to offer a high quality selection of silk flowers arrangements, candle rings and wreaths that will provide beauty to the inside and outside of your home. Decorating with silk flowers from DaisyBlossoms.com provides everlasting beauty that requires no maintenance.

Our silk flower arrangements, candle rings and wreaths are each beautifully handcrafted with careful attention to detail. Our products are not only perfect for your home or office but also make wonderful gifts.

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